What can I do to start using some basic DBT Skills at home?

What is Dialectical Thinking?
  • Accept and understand that there can be more than one truth valid at the same time = Dialectical Thinking

  • Accept the reality and commit to accept it

  • Accept something is not judging it as good

  • Be open minded (not black and white or all or nothing)

  • Be prepared to GIVE something in order to GET something

  • Replace the word BUT with the word AND

Examples of Dialectical Dilemas

  1. Your teenager can crave independence AND still want (and sometimes need) your help. 

  2. As a parent, you can impose consequences for negative behaviours AND still love, care about, and know what is best for your child. 

  3. Your feelings and emotions are valid AND you can work on controlling them.

  4. You can have an argument with someone AND still be friends with them.

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