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Executive Function is the bread and butter of neurology

and like other neurodiverse conditions may come on its own

or accompanied by some of its neurodiverse friends


Executive Function is one of the most important skills you need in life.

Executive Function skills can not be acquired through observation or osmosis.

Developing Executive Function skills in a neurodiverse brain is a purposeful effort and has to be sustained.

Executive Function is the unified term for the Cognitive Process that regulate, control and manage other cognitive processes such as planning, task initiation and working memory.

Executive Function skills are vital for various academic tasks and daily activities.

  • Academic Performance

  • Organization

  • Time Management

  • Problem-Solving

  • Social Skills

  • Self-Advocacy

Executive Function depends on extended neural networks

  • prefrontal lobe or cortex

  • limbic system

Until the neurology is fully developed parents and teachers must act as “surrogate” frontal lobes their children, teens and young adults.

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