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Executive Function
Student Education

Help to develop neuropathways for students in a purposeful effort that is sustained. This will include teaching them deficient skills to enhance executive skills and lead to improved self-regulation.

ADHD Parent Education and Strategies for the Home

Modeling effective parenting strategies for a home without conflict.

The ADHD nervous system is not defective, it is a nervous system that works well using its own set of rules. These rules are just not taught or encouraged in world that is built for neurotypical brains.

Executive Function
Parent Education

Teaching parents how to act as a "surrogate" frontal lobe for their children is of utmost importance. This may mean altering the way they react with their children as well as modifying the tasks they expect their children and teens to perform.

Obtaining and IEP and

Interpreting testing reports, obtaining a school IEP and insuring the appropriate accommodations can be a vital part of a child's academic success.

This will involve writing specific rules for each student based on their current successes.

Executive Function Education in the Classroom

As students get older they will need a greater internalization of executive skills.

Their educator's job is to help at the level of the environment and at the level of the child.

The ultimate goal for students to reach a point where they are able to function independently.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Using strategies for the neurodiverse brain based on Dialectical Behavior models. 

DBT will help relieve conflict and help parents to get what they want without a major fallout. This in turn promotes a peaceful family where distress tolerance is increased.

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