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Client Testimonials

Your compassion and understanding for my ASD son went beyond and above. Not only did he love coming to see you, he was able to replicate much of what you taught him at home. It's been a total game changer. Thank you so much.

Thank you for helping our middle school daughter with her executive skills. She really enjoyed the sessions and how to described things - she was able to then describe to us. The strategies and plans you devised for her have really helped remove the stress from our daily lives.

Thank you for helping our son understand and then work out how to better manage his executive function deficits. He feels so much more confident and less anxious as he goes off to college. The report you compiled for us was the most complete report I have ever seen, briming with information and strategies that not only really resonated but are achievable. 

My husband and I attended the workshop last night and had to run out at the end to relieve the sitter but wanted to say thank you. It was emotional….and so very helpful to be in a room (for the first time) with so many other parents struggling with the same things we are. Yo. gave us so much practical advice that we feel we can acutally use!

Our son was continaully pushing the barriers and was angry and very disobedient. Caitlin worked with us to produce an individualized behavior modification plan that we are using. The plan was a lot of work in the beginning but now it is running smoothly and making a big difference. Caitlin also really helped me see how I can help and not contribute to the problem.

I really enjoyed your presentation last night. Gave me a much better understanding of how different all of our brains are and how important it is to respect those differences. You were terrific. Very approachable. But your son stole the show. He was adorable and to the point. Thank you both!! Lucky parents to have ParentAble as a resource.

Thank you for your time and assistance! Your care for others is a special trait - and we appreciated your guidance with our son.

Huge congrats on the ADHD presentation/workshop tonight Caitlin. Your passion for what you’re doing is infectious and I’m in awe of how you’ve turned your story around and how much you’re helping so many families. The panel for questions was nothing short of amazing.

I really enjoyed listening to your ADHD presentation and I feel I was able to take some fascinating information away from it. The way you explained and presented everything was so relatable and your strategies seem very doable. It has given some many of us hope. Thank you.

Last night was so eye-opening.  We went to dinner after and my daughter couldn’t stop talking about how much she understood what’s going on in her head.  She kept thanking me for bringing her.  Thanks again for welcoming her. She is starting to embrace her differences and no money in the world can pay for that. 

Caitlin, thank you so much for the recent ADHD workshop at the library. It was eye opening- I learned so much from the program that I can put into practice at home.

I really enjoyed your ADHD workshop.  It was very informative. I was very interested to hear more about the solutions you mentioned for a child that is disorganized and forgetful.  This is one of the biggest challenges for my son.

Caitlin saved us thousands of dollars as she did the job that an educational consultant would normally do.

Thank you so much for listening and understanding. You helped normalize this journey for me and let me know I am not alone. I am so glad I emailed you! Thank you for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. Taking the first few steps was the hardest and was very happy you were my guide. Thank you!

Dear Caitlin, You are a wealth of information!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  I have quickly read through your packet of information and appreciate all that you have shared, even the parenting advice and strategies!!  I seem to find no helpful therapists here to help me with managing his behavior, but those words you've shared are great pieces of advice!

It was Albert Einstein who said, "The only source of knowledge is experience." He was so right, and Caitlin Verdier is living proof of this wisdom. More importantly, she is passionate about what she does. Over the last 4 years I have met with so many different professionals but none as valuable as Caitlin. I urge you to contact Caitlin, as she will advocate for your child and  guide you in the right direction. You will truly feel a sense of hope after meeting with her. Thank you.  

We had so much conflicting information about our daughter's diagnosis. Caitlin sat down and clearly and calmly helped us make a plan. She was full of information and expertise but I think I most appreciated her open-minded and nonjudgmental approach. 

The time and materials you so generously shared with me yesterday were tremendously helpful. I can't thank you enough.

At a point when we were still in shock at our son's diagnosis and the recommendation to send him to a wilderness camp without delay, Caitlin stepped in and, with her calm and kind manner, gathered information from me, talked me through the wilderness camp experience both from a child's and from a parent's perspective. Caitlin has been an invaluable support. I honestly can't imagine going through this process without her - I would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

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