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The Neurodiverse Brain

  • Is there conflict at home?

  • Does your child have ADHD challenges?

  • Are you struggling with getting your child to do what you want them to do?

  • Does your child lack Executive Function skills?

  • Are you and Eductor who would like to integrate Executive Function learning into your daily practice?


Fostering the Twice Exceptional

I work with neurodiverse children, teenagers, their siblings and their parents.

My expertise ranges from working with highly Gifted and Talented children to, more specifically, those with ADHD, those with Executive Function deficits and Working Memory challenges, those on the ASD spectrum and all of those in between, including a myriad of coexisting conditions.

I firmly believe that a neurodiverse child or teenager is also gifted and talented. The brain does not differentiate between one or the other and a deficit in one area often means a surplus in another.


I am trained in how the brain works in neurodiverse children and young adults, which I am fervently passionate about. I am a master at integrating neurology, behavior, academics and social pragmatics to help them find their path. In short, I work with the neurodiverse brain to access and foster the twice exceptional. 

I am a member of NATSAP, The Child Mind Institute, NAMI, The Mindsight Institute & The Arbinger Institute.

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