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Why us? Because our service is UNIQUE and AFFORDABLE

  • Our team is made up solely of parents who have dealt with children who suffer from mental health issues.

  • Our team has personally experienced a range of wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools and home transition programs and between us we have visited almost all of them.

  • We have an extensive network of parents who have themselves experienced wilderness programs, young adult treatment centers, RTC, therapeutic day / boarding schools, non-therapeutic step down schools both day and boarding and home transition programs.

  • From this we have a unique database which details every program and every family who has experienced it and gives us an incomparable “inside information and advice” base of information from parents to parents.

  • We have witnessed too many families who have paid in excess of $8,000 for a placement that has not been the right one. From our prolonged personal experience, we really know which placements work for which children and which don't.

  • We have no financial incentives or hidden interests in any particular programs so we are completely impartial and objective and really do have the child's and their family's best interests at heart.

  • We know exactly what it feels like to ship your 10 year old off to a wilderness program over the other side of the country and we know exactly what it feels like to have your son kicked out of a therapeutic boarding school. We know exactly what it feels like to have your child back home after three years away in treatment. We know exactly what it feels like to not see your child for over four months. We can truly advise and empathize in a way no one else can.

  • In addition to a Masters in Social Work, the ParentAble team has a long list of workshops and trainings under our belts – from DBT training; Dan Siegel's Mindsight; The Workings of the Limbic Brain; to Mindfulness and the Awareness Wheel. We have studied all the books in details from the Parallel Process to Not by Chance. We have the academic side covered as well as all the practical coaching and day to day advise any parent could possibly want.

  • We provide all our clients with tried and tested parenting techniques that can help them at home for children with ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Depression etc.

  • We talk to our clients in depth to find the best possible fit for their children. We talk about The Theory of Mind, The Limbic Brain and whether their children are oppositional versus rigid. We give them helpful strategies from basic DBT skills and reflective listening. We give them useful and interesting facts about ADHD and some real strategies for home life.

  • Finally, we know first hand just how costly having a child with mental health issues is and the associated stress that this adds to an already very stressful situation. This is why our mission is to provide an affordable placement alternative that is unique in its outlook and process. 

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